The Power of Self-Examination

“Embrace the power of self-reflection, for it is not a journey of judgement, but a quest for understanding and acceptance of our own complexity.” Maximilian Kikwembe, Swahili Apologist

There is Swahili saying that “Mali bila daftari huisha bila habari” which means that, “property without register ends without information.” I have used this Wahenga saying to demonstrate the significance of self-examination, looking and evaluating critically about one’s trending and progress, it is all about self-examination.

Socrates once said that, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Although some people have been denying this thought by arguing that life in itself is worth living whether it is examined or not.  But I stand firmly and boldly to proclaim that self-examination is necessary in our own discovery and improvement. Unexamined life is engulfing the meaning and purpose of our existence. To be and become fully outstanding human beings requires us to apply our highly outstanding faculty of thought to examine ourselves.

Self-examination, also known as self-reflection or self-awareness is the key to self-exposure and discovery which starts with understanding who you are and how you can upgrade yourself. Indeed, I consider this as the first step towards personal growth. Self-examination will enable you learning to understand your preferences and needs and being true to yourself.  

Ability to make progress in any arena of your life, you need to know who you are, what you want and your destination, and what ways to plot to get where you are destined to reach. Asking yourself the necessary and fundamental questions before you begin will surely allow you to take the right path.  This is what self-examination is all about. There is no abject painful than investing a lot of time and energy into something you finally discover it has brought wrong outcomes.

The process of examining inward to comprehend our ideas, feelings, behaviors, and beliefs is a valuable activity that can enable us in better understanding ourselves, our relationships, and our life goals.

Here are a few ways self-examination can be helpful in life:

  1. Personal growth: We can pinpoint opportunities for self-improvement and progress by analyzing our thoughts and activities. This can encourage us in enhancing our sense of self, increasing our level of self-awareness, and becoming the best possible version of ourselves.
  2. Associations: Examining oneself can also allow us to comprehend how we relate to others. We may improve our empathy and understanding for others and create deeper, more meaningful relationships with the individuals in our lives by taking an objective look at our own thoughts and behaviors.
  3. Making decisions: By considering our beliefs and values, we can make choices that are more in line with our objectives and desires. This can help us in avoiding decisions that can be at contradiction with our values and resulting in more joy and fulfillment in life.
  4. Self-examination can also help us in stress management and other painful feelings. By increasing our self-awareness, we may recognize the circumstances or individuals that can lead to stress or anxiety and create coping mechanisms that are constructive and healthy.

Self-examination is a crucial practice that can improve our understanding of ourselves, our relationships, and our life goals. We may improve our self-awareness, make better decisions, and ultimately live more fulfilled and gratifying lives by taking the time to reflect on and analyze our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and beliefs. We can gain greater self-awareness and a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us by looking inward and examining our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and beliefs.

By evaluating ourselves, we can find areas where we can grow and strive to be the best versions of ourselves. Through fostering better empathy and understanding, it can also aid us in forming deeper, more meaningful connections with others. Examining our beliefs and values also enables us to make better informed choices that are in line with our objectives and desires.

Additionally, by identifying triggers and creating healthy coping skills, self-examination can help us manage stress and negative emotions. It can also help us build a more positive mindset, which leads to increased resilience and overall well-being. Frankly speaking, practicing self-examination can have a significant impact on our life. Making self-reflection a frequent part of our lives can help us become more self-aware, forge stronger bonds with others, make better decisions, better handle stress, and ultimately lead more meaningful lives.


Extracted from my book tittle Believe, Begin, Become: Anatomy of Triumphant Success

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